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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Over 55% of all Entrepreneurs have not finished a High School degree. However they manage to over-proportionally add value to society. We wondered how Entrepreneurs think different to be successful while following their own dreams.

What makes entrepreneurs different?

Image by Karla Hernandez


They reverse the learning process. They first encounter a problem, then find the knowledge to solve it, making learning relevant and engaging.

Image by Huzaifa Ginwala


They consistently find ways to maximize limited resources, leading to creative and forward-thinking solutions

Image by name_ gravity

Continuous Growth

They never stop learning and self-improvement, understanding the value on their own growth.

Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown


They realize that success is a long, challenging journey. The necessary resilience stems from a strong, personal purpose at the heart of what they do.

Image by Braden Collum

Failing Forward

Entrepreneurs embrace failure as part of the learning process. They seek to fail fast and learn quickly from their mistakes, focusing on progress rather than a fear of failing.

The Universality of the Mindset

The entrepreneurial mindset isn't limited to founders. After identifying the key elements of the Entrepreneurial Mindset, we started discovering it in top-performers of multiple categories, from top athletes and genius artists to influential politicians and pioneering scientists.

This was our “Eureka!" moment: The Entrepreneurial Mindset is at its core can support us no matter what field we are interested in!

This realization was not just powerful, it was transformative. It means that there is a universal truth to how highly individual learning can work based on very simple principles. 

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